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  • Design: Captivates — It grabs attention and holds interest.

    South Carolina Credit Unions

    Attract your target demographic with solutions designed to reach them where they are…more

  • Design Motivates: It encourages action and inspires support.

    Honor Walkway at Cone Health Cancer Center

    Increase participation in your worthy cause with
    solutions that motivate your audience…more

  • Design Cultivates: It changes minds and stimulates growth.


    Increase your following by providing easy access
    to your custom services…more

Creating Custom, Effective Solutions

If you’re fed up with spending your hard-earned cash on marketing or promotional gimmicks, that just don’t work; if you’re tired of wasting countless hours on social media, and seeing minimal returns on your investment; if you have no idea where to turn next — Blake Design is here to help.

Blake Design creates design and branding solutions — creative solutions, which elevate the perception of your brand in its respective markets; immersive solutions, which help you attract and engage your customers more effectively; results-oriented solutions, which directly affect your bottom line.

So if you're done playing games and instead you want sound, strategic, concept-driven, one-of-a-kind executions with the goal of helping your brand grow, then let's talk

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Design Thinking — 3 Features of Good Design (How Good Design Helps Your Brand Flourish)

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Good design is captivating, seductive and acts as an emissary for your brand. By catching the eye of your audience members, drawing them in and reinforcing their core values, good design helps your brand grow.